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A Wedding in Tahoe

Peter J. Eyrich
July 22, 2019

Lake Tahoe is... breathtaking. In my 5+ years living in California, I've heard plenty of stories about it's beauty and how I needed to make the pilgrimage from Southern California at all costs. Austin (to his credit) has tried inviting me up there on multiple occasions after he made the move from San Diego to San Francisco. Unfortunately, it became a back burner trip and I'm ashamed to say that I wasn't motivated enough on my own to make it there. I guess that's life sometimes, however unfortunate.

Austin and Lauren are great people and their wedding gift to everyone was sharing the beauty that Tahoe has to offer, with all of us, for an entire magical weekend.

Sunrise from the plane. Tahoe bound.

I touched down in Sacramento airport on Thursday morning, hopped in a rental car and took a deep breath. A short 2 hour drive was all that it took for me to begin to see the magic that is abundant in Northern California. The flats gave way to gradients, the brush grew into trees and the views opened up to as far as the human eye can see. I had made it to the land of Lake Tahoe.

After wandering around with my jaw ajar, I made my way to Jake's On The Lake for a welcome dinner.

The view from Jake's On The Lake. Not too shabby.

The following morning was spent hanging with old friends from Philly in a new weekend backdrop of Lake Tahoe. We had enough time to grab a hike before the wedding festivities began.

Frank, carefully scouting his next step.

Frank & Niles take a break to pose.

Breathtaking Panoramic views.

Beautiful fall colors.

Caught up in the hustle and bustle of the wedding, I only remembered to grab one shot after the ceremony and it was of the first dance.

Doesn't get more scenic than this, folks.

The wedding party spent the next day, drying out on the beach with those who remained in town. I joined them, eager to get a group together for a giant Stand-Up-Paddle Board rental.

An absolutely unreal backdrop, rivaled only by crystal clear water of Lake Tahoe.

Mission accomplished. Giant SUP acquired.


Tip-off of an intense game of Spikeball.

Lake Tahoe offers some of the clearest (and coldest) water I've ever experienced in my life.

For my last day in Tahoe, I went on another (longer) hike. This one promised better views and more elevation gain in the trail description. Needless to say, I wasn't disappointed.

Staring out through the forest.

Really lichen this hike.

Nothing better than an exposed ridge line for sweeping panoramic views.


If there's one image that I can choose to sum up the weekend, it's the above. Go to Tahoe. Don't wait as long as I did. You won't be disappointed!


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