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Graphic Design

35 North

A print deliverable with custom ground & aerial photography.

35 North was a unique project to work on because it allowed me to have complete control over the photography style and composition of the package. The client provided a logo and branding guidelines but the rest of the design elements, photography (both ground & drone) and layout, were all my own.

Because this was a 3-building office campus and somewhat lacking visually, I took a more artistic approach with my photography. I played off of the landscaping and modern branding that had just been installed on the exteriors of the building and this carried over well into the brochure layout, providing more visual interest within the design.

Cushman & Wakefield
Tools Used
A6500, InDesign, Photoshop
The final printed deliverable was wire-bound with laminated front & rear covers.

Interior Spread: Table of Contents

Detail: Table of Contents

Section Header Design


Detail: Development Map

Detail: Section Header

Detail: Investment Highlights

35 North project as seen from the air.

New logo signs and refreshed landscaping kept this project interesting in the property photographs.

35 North sign on the front lawn of site.

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