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A collection of photography favorites.

The works here are a collection of shots that I feel best represent my photographic style. I enjoy capturing images that freeze moments in time and can tell a story long after the story has concluded. Travel, landscape, architectural and action are some of my favorite genres to shoot.

Tools Used
Sony A6500, DJI Mavic Pro
"No one likes us, no one likes us, no one likes us, we don't care". - Eagles Superbowl Parade | Philadelphia, PA | 2018

"Sun's gonna rise in a mile". - Popoyo, Nicaragua | 2019

"Desert Spring". - Joshua Tree, CA | 2019

"Baja Gold". - Baja California, Mexico | 2017

"Slice of Pep". - Denver, CO | 2019

"Home". - Philadelphia, PA | 2017

Latest works