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An on-going Instagram / social media experiment.

@Treatcam began as an idea to cultivate a viral social media following based on photos and videos of dogs enjoying treats for their good behavior. While the initial strategy was to simply re-post popular videos from other social accounts, I decided to work with organic content and try and further the brand's reputation.

The first order of business was creating a better brand image through use of an actual logo. This was achieved by finding a playful font for the logotype and applying an approachable color scheme; thus creating something recognizable.

With a brand image set in place, I set out to rebuild and retain the follower base. A 'welcome back' post, followed by consistent posts, 3x a week to start, has seen the account slowly gain followers and keep up some of its former momentum. With stickers and t-shirts on the way, I look to continue to grow the brand in a series of public events catered towards attracting new followers.

Tools Used
Instagram, Photoshop, Illustrator
Logotype created for Treatcam.

Screenshot of 1st 'active' day with account.


Latest works