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Graphic Design

Email Marketing

A sampling of recent email marketing layouts.

The below email blasts were initially created in Photoshop and then carried over to platforms such as Marketvolt, RCM, Constant Contact and Concep to be sent. Header and footer graphics were sliced and text was re-designed in HTML within each of the respective email platforms. Once images, text and links were created, the blasts were sent out through their respective team host.

Tools Used
InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator
2 e-blasts that were designed and then used as part of 707 Broadway's marketing campaign in an attempt to lease vacant space on site.

Email blast promoting a Cushman & Wakefield sponsored Investor Event.

Clean e-blast design promoting the sale of a Hawaii based farm.

E-blast design promoting 'The Park' - an office campus redevelopment, in San Diego, CA.

E-blast commemorating a former colleague that recently retired.

Latest works